Government is open for business

This week, the Cabinet Office announced that £187 billion worth of public sector contracts have been opened up to the many small to medium enterprises of the United Kingdom. Sysdoc’s UK CEO, Clare Hill, is a founding member of the Cabinet Office Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) panel – the very people who have been lobbying over the past four years for these schemes to be put into place.

Clare, along with her colleagues that make up the twenty five member panel has welcomed the news; the result of major public sector procurement changes. The objective is to add competition to the nation’s marketplace increasing work delivered by the SMEs, bringing innovation, real expertise, value and more work across the UK.

With the Cabinet Office proclaiming, “Government is open for business”, how are the changes manifesting themselves in the law? Changes in the law include a simpler and quicker bidding process, and increasing accountability on SME spend. In addition to this, public sector suppliers and supply chain will be paid within 30 days. The changes also see the new Contracts Finder go live – a fundamental part of the announcement, as this will become a world-leading single public sector online marketplace.

For Clare, this announcement is a great result and testament to the hard work and determination of the panel to work with government to drive real change. She said, “The news coming out of the Cabinet Office is very positive, and marks a turning point on a journey which is set to gain momentum, and drive real value from the public purse”.

She continued, “For Sysdoc, the news is particularly pleasing, as it now gives us scope as an already globally successful company to bid on many important contracts now offered by the UK Government, and we encourage others to do the same”.

The panel have held their last meeting with the current Government, and can look back on a successful three-year period in which they have reduced bureaucracy, including the pre-qualification questionnaires; driven policy for prompt payment of suppliers and now the release of £187 billion worth of public sector contracts. By doing so, innovation and best value in product and service delivery have been impacted greatly by the SMEs and this latest news is an encouraging step for small and medium UK businesses.


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