Bhopal – Learning through process management

On the night of 2nd December 1984, in Bhopal, India, there was an incident which would be known to this day as the “world’s worst industrial disaster.” At the local pesticide plant water entered a tank, releasing harmful gases caused by runaway chemical reactions, unleashing a truly horrendous disaster on a huge scale. Over 3,500 people were killed, and at least 558,000 people were left injured. Last December marked the 30th anniversary of the tragedy but presents us with a stark question: could something like this happen again?

Three decades on, the truth is it still remains very much a possibility. With increasing industrialisation and urbanisation on unprecedented levels globally, this is a key issue which has to be looked at in detail, and one that requires international collaboration.

But what would have to be done for 21st century society to achieve this? After all, the prevention of technological hazards and disasters covers such a wide area, and has huge connotations for people from the built up metropolises of the far east to the jungle tropics of south America.

Planning, processes, procedures and policies. Here at Sysdoc Group, we offer this to a diverse, global client base as part of our business solutions techniques which have been expertly developed and fine-tuned since our establishment, almost thirty years ago too.

In a situation such as this, we are presented with the idea of creating a method which would aid the prevention of an event such as Bhopal from ever happening again. Using worldwide connectivity and a basic ideal of disaster prevention, the planning, processes, procedures and policies which are embedded into the Sysdoc modus operandi would be called into action.

We utilise these to serve the many different needs presented to us by our clients on a day to day basis. Through doing so, we deliver high standards of work, to the specifications of the particular client. The end product is provided to them by an experienced and capable team of consultants.

“Our opportunity and obligation”, this essentially, is what the issue revolves around; and here at Sysdoc is something which is weaved through our vision and ideals as a company. It is our opportunity and obligation to provide a level of service and commitment that we have become recognised for. We continue each day to raise the bar and elevate the standards we are working to as a team.

Among our values are sustainability, responsibility, integrity and professionalism. We are committed to making a positive difference with our work, respecting ourselves, our clients and our environment. We believe this sustainability goes hand in hand with the responsibility we bear as a company. Believing in responsible business, we actively invest in projects that are sustainable and which those who work for us are passionate about. We are a trusted partner, and have a professionalism which is evoked through the planning, processes, procedures and policies that are so vital to us here at Sysdoc.

Bhopal was a scene of tragic loss, with the ramifications echoing throughout the world. However, there is still the opportunity to gain an enhanced knowledge on being able to protect others from a similar disaster; by making use of the process management steps we have seen here. The most effective prevention systems of the future may be stronger for it.



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