Global Corporate Challenge 2015

The 100 days of the 2015 Global Corporate Challenge are over, and Sysdoc employees are reaping the benefits of increased fitness, health and well-being. The GCC initiative is to promote a health orientated frame of mind amongst your employees, with a competitive atmosphere to add that extra bit of incentive in the mix, through tracking steps and fitness activities.

The Sysdoc’ers that took part in the competition were split into teams of seven, and over the course of those one hundred days, competed against each other in a bid to finish top of the Sysdoc leaderboard. By the end, Sysdoc’ers had walked 46,417,055 steps, an average of 13,259 steps each day. The winning team of seven was Sysdoc in the city, who walked 10,002,025 steps over the course of the GCC – an impressive 21% contribution to the overall company steps.

The biggest individual stepper, Monique Smith, (pictured left, centre) was a team member of Sysdoc in the city. Monique said, “I’m usually pretty active anyway, walking to and from work and going to the gym. But during the challenge, I became more aware of how active I was during the day. Where possible, I incorporated exercise into meetings and made small changes like using the stairs instead of the lift.”

Incentive was kept high along the way, with teams organising lunchtime activities, walking to work, and some Sysdoc’ers contributing to their totals in the pool, at zumba, or even by hiking to the summit of Ben Nevis. This wide range of activities are just some of the varied, and inventive ways to get those steps on the leaderboard, and from which, valuable fitness benefits were provided.

Monique continues, “During the GCC, I was also training for, and completed, a 100km charity walk, so some of my time was spent training for that. Over the course of the challenge, I have had a great level of satisfaction from seeing those around me make vast improvements, and comment on how much better they’re feeling, which is great.”

The most improved Sysdoc competitor was Brett Sedcole (pictured right). Brett says, “I was inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle thanks to the arrival of my daughter, Ewa. I found that walks with her were a fantastic way to boost my well-being and at the same to get those vital steps onto the GCC leaderboard.” Brett is also keen to ensure the benefits continue post-GCC too; “I plan to carry on this newfound active lifestyle as we head into September as I’m sure Ewa will enjoy long leisurely walks in the crisp autumn sunshine.”

With 35 people across Sysdoc all involved in the GCC, as a company we were reminded of the importance of workplace fitness; and there’s no sign of this diminishing – the pedometers and mobile apps are still busy tracking the steps of many Sysdoc’ers – so there are many benefits still to come.

Feel inspired? Why not set yourself up with a step tracker of your own, or maybe introduce the GCC in your own organisation?

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