Sysdoc is ‘keeping little hearts beating’ with the LifePod incubator

Sysdoc are delighted to be helping to keep little hearts beating by assisting Medicine Mondiale with documentation to support their NZ Aid Application for the launch of the LifePod Incubator.

Sir Ray Avery has developed a simple invention that will change the world. The LifePod is a low cost neonatal incubator designed for use in the challenging developing world environment.

It’s designed to be indestructible, purifies its own air and water, costs only $2,000 and will run continuously without the need for replacement parts or maintenance by trained technicians.  It is expected that each unit will save at least 500 babies’ lives!

The funding will allow Medicine Mondiale to go into production with the first incubators which will be deployed to the Pacific Islands. 

Kaye Rayner from Sysdoc in Auckland is helping with development of the Quality Manual for the LifePod. This is a fantastic project for us to be involved in and it’s a privilege to be working with Sir Ray Avery to launch this amazing technology to the world.

Check out the videos below for more information, or go make a donation to #KeepLittleHeartsBeating


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