Accelerated learning - The natural approach

Traditional learning and development approaches offer frameworks and basic sets of principles to help design, develop and deliver learning materials and education. Many of these approaches however, overlook how humans learn, and the result is often an experience that fails to meet the learning objectives. To bridge this gap, Sysdoc has recently conducted internal training sessions and completed a refresh of tools, templates and methodology in line with Accelerated Learning principles.

We have found that Accelerated Learning provides a mechanism to measure a learner’s characteristics and helps to identify what is necessary to make learning a more natural process. It’s the term ‘natural’ that defines Accelerated Learning. Having the ability to develop materials and learning experiences that are preferred by, or natural to our learners, the learning process becomes much easier and quicker to assimilate. Importantly, it significantly extends the window of retention for our learners, and increases the likelihood that they will be able to apply the knowledge when required.

A well regarded and referenced Accelerated Learning method is Colin Rose’s M.A.S.T.E.R model. This six step model is based on research into learning and the science behind how humans best learn. The benefit to using a model based upon science is that our understanding of the human brain and mind keeps growing as does the application and development of Accelerated Learning.

By following the Master model’s six steps and using the resources that Accelerated Learning brings to the trainers toolbox, organisations can gain an improved return on investment through better retention and application of skills and knowledge by Learners

To learn more about accelerated learning and Colin Rose’s method visit the Accelerated Learning site.


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