Davos 2016

Over the next four days, over 2,500 leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors will meet in Davos - host of the World Economic Forum since 1974. The theme for 2016 is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and this promises to set up a series of fascinating discussions nestled in the Swiss Alps.

The world is currently undergoing a period of significant and important change, as we well and truly progress into the digital age. Global population now stands at 7.3 billion people, and with it comes an increased global responsibility to ensure that the world we live in is sustainable, stable and successful.

There have been a series of previous advancements to global society which have come in the form of an industrial revolution. The first took place from the late 18th century, and saw incredible transitions from hand production methods to machines, coupled with a vast range of new industrial processes and the creation of the principles which now define the modern factory. Made iconic by the spinning jenny, steam engines and iron production, this revolution was to have profound effects on industry and society alike. The second revolution, from around 1870 to the start of the First World War advanced the fields of technology and science including electricity and telecommunications.

The third industrial revolution – the digital revolution – is the precursor for the changes we are all experiencing today. The change from analogue to technologies defined by computing, connectivity and an ease of access to information – made possible in particular through the development and diffusion of the World Wide Web – was unprecedented.

If the third industrial revolution saw the digitisation of production and information, then the fourth is the fusion of digital with almost all aspects of our world. Bitcoin, the self-driving car, 3D printing – the reach of digital is seemingly unlimited.  The impact on individuals, businesses and society as a whole is significant, changing supply chains, customer relationship models and how individuals interact with each other and with organisations. For businesses to succeed in a new world, they need to understand where they are now, and be agile and able to change and adapt in light of changing customer expectations and behaviour, new and innovative supply chains and channels, and an abundance of data.
 From now until Saturday, countless forums will cover these in depth, and we too at Sysdoc will embed the knowledge of the fourth industrial revolution to the answers we provide for our clients. With such an exciting time ahead, there is much to discover, and much to protect.

The speed at which we are moving is unprecedented, and the challenges may be daunting, but Davos presents a platform of creative, intelligent thinkers to discuss and inspire our next steps. 


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