Sysdoc assists Medicine Mondiale in successful accreditation for LifePod Incubator

In September 2015, Sysdoc provided technical support for Medicine Mondiale’s NZ Aid application for the LifePod Incubator, a low cost neonatal incubator designed for use in the challenging developing world environment.


We are very pleased to announce that the LifePod has received accreditation approval and support from NZ Aid. This is a wonderful achievement for Medicine Mondiale and a credit to the work that Sysdoc provided. Sir Ray Avery recently backed this sentiment up, stating, “At Medicine Mondiale we recognised the importance of having quality systems across all of our international operations. Thanks to Sysdoc’s generous support we were able to develop a comprehensive quality system which resulted in Medicine Mondiale receiving New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Partnership Fund Accreditation. This is a major milestone in Medicine Mondiale’s evolution and the interlocutory quality system developed in partnership with Sysdoc ensures that all our project beneficiaries receive the highest quality care.”

At Sysdoc we look forward to further involvement wherever possible with Sir Ray Avery and Medicine Mondiale with the LifePod Incubator and any world changing developments they have in the future.

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For more info and to personally donate to the development of the LifePod Incubator, go here: Mondiale LifePod


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