The day I became World Champion - An update from Emily Burton

In our latest blog with Sysdoc sponsored triathlete Emily Burton, the youngest Team GB competitor in the World Triathlon Series provides us with an insight from the Australia stage of the tournament. Next week, we’ll feature an update from South Africa.

“The race time table was different to Abu Dhabi, the elite races were scheduled for the Saturday with sprint and other events on Sunday” says Emily. “I took my bike to the racking station and on entry was advised due to the extremely hot conditions I should let my tyres down to make sure that they do not explode in the heat! I did not want that to happen, however, I also did not want to let the pressure out and pump them up again at 5am the following day before the race. I decided to keep my bike out hoping that later in the day sufficient heat will have gone from the sun and there would be enough space left in the racking station”.

“We found a sheltered spot for my bike and watched the races, cheering home Helen Jenkins and Jodie Stimpson for Great Britain, with the men’s elite race following this. The heat was searing and was taking its toll on the racers with Jonny Brownlee staggering over the finish line and collapsing with heat exhaustion.   Once the day had cooled, I racked my bike and went for pasta before trying to get some sleep knowing the weather was going to be as hot tomorrow as it was today!” 

“The alarm went off at 4am and we left the apartments at 4:30, it was dark, the only other people around were refuse collectors.  I cycled the 6 miles to the race start point on a hired bike while Mum ran beside me with the rucksack of drinks, race belt as well as some other bits of equipment. It was still dark when I arrived. I placed my kit by my bike and nervously checked my tyres (thankfully everything was OK).  I waited anxiously for my race, the start was a run into the sea from the beach, not off a pontoon like other races. It was very crowded and a real free-for-all, getting pushed and kicked a few times. I swam well, and came out of the water towards the front of the lead group, there was a long run to transition but I was pleased it went smoothly as I began on the bike”.

“Another good transition and back off for the run, the heat was so intense and much hotter than Abu Dhabi, but I just kept going knowing that a good time would get me a large number of points and ultimately to put me in in contention for the title.  The relief to reach the blue carpet was immense, I had given it everything that I could.  Mum thought that I had done well but not sure how well, so we just had the agonising wait for the results”.

“I received confirmation that I won the U18s race which means I gained 4000 points, enough to win the U18 world title, with an unbeatable points total of 8000.   I also won the U23s race, so the 4000 points added to my total from Abu Dhabi gives me 7325 points, so I also topped the U23 world rankings. I then realised I’d achieved Olympic Games QT which bodes well for my future aspirations of competing in an Olympic Games.  But my day wasn’t done yet. My U23 win meant I was selected to be part of the Team GB relay team and we won gold in that too!”

“What an amazing day.  Next stop South Africa”.


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