MCA Consulting Excellence initiative begins

The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) recently unveiled its Consulting Excellence initiative, of which Sysdoc is proud to be amongst the first signatories.

The main aim of Consulting Excellence is to drive best practice within the consultancy industry. The event, which was attended by over 20 different consultancies, demonstrates the industry’s commitment to the nine founding principles of Consulting Excellence.

There was no hesitation for Sysdoc to join others in committing to the initiative - it is not only a natural fit to our own organisational values, but an opportunity for us to reinforce these and share with a wider audience. Sysdoc’s Head of Consulting, Guy Sorrill said, “I am delighted that Sysdoc have committed to Consulting Excellence, and to be here at the launch is a fantastic opportunity for us to be part of the success of this programme, and to help drive best practice across our industry."

Sorrill continued, “The initiative is built on a set of nine principles that defines how we demonstrate ethical business behaviour, deliver first rate services and true value to our clients, and commit to excellent professional development for all our staff. These principles mirror our organisational values – raising the bar of what it means to be a business, a consultancy and an employer in this industry.”

Following the introduction of the Consulting Excellence framework, the MCA annual debate was held. Panelists included Stephen Kinnock MP, Jonathan Porritt, co-founder of Forum for the Future, and Ben Page from Ipsos MORI. The debate centred on trust and ethics in business following the ‘Brexit’ vote. The debate covered a wide range of topics – from executive pay, to the level of business trust in society, to "What happens next?" Talwyn Whetter, Sysdoc’s Head of Global Solutions and Sustainability said “The panel session was an intriguing and thought provoking debate on the position of businesses and consultancies in the public eye, especially post-Brexit. As an SME, we enjoy a high level of trust from our clients, and are delighted to reinforce this by working together with our sector colleagues towards Consulting Excellence”.

The evening ended with the MCA’s 60th anniversary summer reception to commemorate the organisation's many successful years in supporting the work of management consultancies working in the UK. 60 years on from those first days, the Consulting Excellence initiative is an ideal opportunity to continue the work that the MCA is doing, and provide a new emphasis, and new challenge, for UK consultancies in the years ahead.

For more information, you can visit the MCA website.


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