Katherine Corich at the University of Oxford

This June, Sysdoc Founder Katherine Corich will be speaking at two events as part of her role as an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School. The first, on 15th June will see Katherine return to Oxford, presenting her lecture which forms part of the Business School's Advanced Management and Leadership Programme. This will then be followed by a session at the 2017 Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum on 17th June. Throughout both of these events, Katherine will be focusing on digital disruption and the important role we can play as entrepreneurs to harness the benefits of this. It is a topic of global interest, and follows a keynote speech that Katherine delivered in May as part of the European Business Awards in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This article expands on these Oxford events, with further details, including how to attend, below.
Advanced Management and Leadership Programme - Thursday, 15th June - Saïd Business School

The Advanced Management and Leadership Programme is a three-week long course delivered at the prestigious Saïd Business School. The programme begins by looking at the global events which are shaping business today, then challenges and choices within your own organisation, before finishing by examining your individual leadership style. Katherine will present on the latter, focusing on entrepreneurial leadership (EL). Through case studies from the latest examples of EL, to examining how it can create superior performance, and allowing students to reflect and enrich their own style, Katherine provides a holistic view of becoming an inspirational leader, and offers individuals the opportunity to develop their own leadership techniques in a supportive environment.

For more information on the programme, and the October 2017 enrolment, more information can be found on the programme page here.

Imagine the Future: Entrepreneurship Opportunities & Change, part of the Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum - Saturday, 17th June, 2pm - Saïd Business School

Katherine will be chairing a panel on Saturday afternoon as part of the Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum. Taking part in the session will be four panelists, Joyeeta Das, Jørn Lyseggen, Kenneth Cukier and Matthew Le Merle. Joyeeta Das is Founder and CEO of Gyana, an Artificial Intelligence platform which allows users to view global cities by combining the complexity of digital and physical city footprints and allowing users to view the world through a lens which remains simple and intutive. Jørn Lyseggen is the Norwegian Founder and CEO of Meltwater Group, helping people make better, more informed decisions through leveraging external data for decision making and AI, embedding this into today's corporate toolkits. Kenneth Cukier is The Economist's Senior Editor for Digital Products and oversees data analytics, managing new digital product development and has written extensively on the topic of Big Data. Matthew Le Merle is Co-Founder and CEO of Fifth Era, and a superangel investor and advisor to organisations which include eBay, Google and Shanshan. 

Together, Katherine and the panel will be exploring the role that entrepreneurs can play in the future, and imagining the opportunities and scope for change in a digital-centric world. You can join the panel at the Forum, Oxford Entrepreneurs' flagship event, by purchasing tickets here.


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