Aggregates carbon reduction programme


The Carbon Trust undertook a review which produced the following findings:
  • A significant reduction in carbon consumption could be made across the mining and minerals sector
  • The changes could realise significant financial benefits for the individual organisations involved
  • If government emissions targets were to be met, this was a key sector to target for improvements.


To help the Carbon Trust achieve the targets, Sysdoc adopted a multi-layered approach:
  • Championing the programme with senior stakeholders and finding advocates across the five organisations to drive initiatives forward
  • Setting realistic targets and increasing awareness through field and forum workshops and myth busting, embedding change by promoting an achievable shift in behaviour
  • Creating support materials such as posters, workbooks, videos and toolkits.


Sysdoc transformational change was used to develop an integrated change management strategy that looked to highlight and challenge behaviours, working directly with quarry workers to lead and own the change.
Sysdoc technical solutions designed and developed a website to take the tools and materials to the broader quarry community.


  • Reduction in the industry sector’s carbon emissions of 160,000T or 6% for the period ending 2011/12
  • Potential for a total reduction of 560,000T during 2015-2020
  • Monetary value of savings in 2010 terms to be an estimated £58.4m
  • Won Bronze International Green Award 2011 for Best Green Government Award.