Change management for SAP implementation


With 26 manufacturing sites across New Zealand, operational timing impacted by seasonal conditions, and many sites ‘sharing’ staff to meet peaks and troughs, our client has a unique and challenging environment in which to implement business transformation programmes.

In 2010, the client initiated a project to implement SAP in their manufacturing division. The project faced several challenges, including:
  • varying levels of computer literacy across the sites
  • differences across sites as to which roles performed the SAP business roles
  • changing seasonal conditions leading to changes in implementation schedules.


Sysdoc was engaged to provide change management and training services for the project. We utilised our own change methodology to engage the organisation, from senior business managers through to shop-floor operators, to ensure everyone understood the need for change.

We developed a blended learning solution which included eLearning modules, workshops, and systems based training, which were then packaged for users on a role by role basis.


Sysdoc transformational change expertise ensured that the organisation understood the need for change and rapidly adopted it. We were able to clearly articulate change and the impacts through the application of Sysdoc’s structured change methodology.

Sysdoc learning innovation ensured that appropriate solutions were deployed to different user-groups, and our highly skilled logistics team managed the scheduling of training to ensure minimal impact on the business operations.


From March 2010 to October 2011, the project rolled out across all New Zealand sites to all 1200 impacted end-users.

On completion of the project phase, ownership of all key activities was transitioned to a business as usual model to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement of end-to-end business process.