Oracle release 12 upgrade and process improvement


A global publishing business took the decision to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the latest version of Oracle R12. 

As part of the upgrade the business decided to take the opportunity to re-engineer their business processes, and develop a uniform approach to key financial processes.


Sysdoc was engaged to design ‘to-be’ processes, develop and deliver training, and manage all communication and change activities. Sysdoc:
  • worked with key stakeholders to design and document processes
  • designed a range of training materials, for a blended solution of instructor-led and online learning
  • built a new intranet site to support the new processes and systems.


Sysdoc process excellence was used to design and document ‘to be’ processes in standard format. 
Sysdoc learning innovation and transformational change were used for the design and delivery of training, communications and change management activities. 
Sysdoc technical solutions designed and built the new intranet site.


On completion of the project:
  • over 200 ‘to-be’ processes had been designed, documented and published to the new intranet site
  • more than 500 staff across the US, Canada, UK, the Netherlands and Ireland had been trained using a range of delivery methods, including webinars, - eLearning and classroom based training.