Knowledge and information management


One of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications companies needed a way to manage, store and share information securely. SharePoint was selected as their intranet, document management and collaboration tool, replacing a number of different systems. 

One of the main challenges the project faced was to ensure that new legislation affecting the structure of the company was complied with. This impacted how information could be accessed, secured and audited.


Sysdoc worked with key stakeholders to develop the strategy and processes for the implementation and management of SharePoint. The solution included:
  • information audits and stakeholder interviews 
  • solution design, information architecture, security access levels and navigation
  • solution build, configuration and migration of content 
  • development and delivery of role based blended training materials
  • communications and change management.


Sysdoc knowledge and information management audited, designed and documented the solution.

Sysdoc technical solutions team worked with the client to ensure a smooth transition of information to the new solution. 

Sysdoc learning innovation delivered eLearning modules to end-users, to help them understand and maximise the benefit of the new sites.


The successful implementation of the SharePoint solution ensures that:

  • access to information is based on security levels
  • information is organised according to business function, and stored in a single location
  • documents are easier to create and store, using predefined templates and metadata
  • costs for support, storage and licensing are reduced.