Knowledge base development


Our client faced a major challenge – the leveraging of the intellectual capital of key employees in the fast growing telecommunications market. The global team carried around large paper based volumes of information, which were often out of date or missing vital details. 

The construction of an online information library was identified as a key enabler of their global marketing strategy.


Sysdoc was appointed to build an online knowledge base to house a collection of dynamic information topics about the functions, features and implementation of the client’s system. 

As system integrator and process partner, Sysdoc:
  • designed the information architecture for the knowledge base and process model
  • facilitated workshop sessions and conducted interviews to design processes and collect all required information
  • helped to establish Information Management capability to maintain the organisation’s information and process model.


Sysdoc knowledge and information management was used to design the strategy and information architecture of the knowledge base.

Sysdoc process excellence and intuitive documentation were used to capture process, procedure and system information.

Sysdoc technical solutions assisted with the build and implementation of the knowledge base.


Throughout all sectors of the business, the knowledge base had a huge impact:
  • operationally, enabling individuals around the world to learn about, implement and support the system
  • tactically, giving the company the ability to win new business
  • strategically, defining new markets and opening business opportunities
  • financially, reducing delivery and implementation times, saving $200,000 per release, and $160,000 per annum.