Managing organisational change training tools


A government department was undertaking a major organisational restructure which would inevitably result in a loss of jobs and reallocation of people into different roles.

The Ministry acknowledged the impact this change would have on individuals and the culture, and that their staff needed to be well equipped with practical knowledge for dealing with people going through difficult change.


Sysdoc worked with the Ministry to develop self-paced eLearning modules to support the Human Resources team and managers who were involved in implementing the changes. 

The modules focussed on the operational and tactical requirements for implementing and adopting planned organisational change at team and individual level.


Sysdoc organisational design and development experience ensured a good understanding and agreement of the key messages to be included in the eLearning modules.

Sysdoc learning innovation was used to develop an engaging and interactive module that allowed end-users to drill deeper for more knowledge where they required it.   


Two eLearning modules were created, one for managers and one for team members, to help them understand the impacts of change on themselves, their peers and their organisation.