Technology academy


In the rapidly changing world of telecommunications, mobile providers must continually improve their services to keep ahead of the competition. To support these improvements, their staff must also continually develop their skills.

One such company decided that its approach to technical training needed to be more engaging and effective. Any solution needed to offer both development and training opportunities to staff.


Recognising its current eLearning system was not meeting the needs of its staff, the company engaged Sysdoc to overhaul the system and re-engage staff with learning. 
The solution, conceived with Sysdoc, was a global Technology Academy portal which combined:
  • clear learning and development paths for key skills areas
  • certification processes
  • various types of learning asset, including eLearning, eBooks, videos, expert webinars and forums.


Sysdoc learning innovation was used to identify user requirements, develop and document training materials and introduce engaging training media.

Sysdoc technical solutions were deployed to build a portal that was easy to use and understand.


Delivered on time and to budget, the portal has provided staff with targeted training and development, and the ability to build skills and gain qualifications in specialist areas.