Value stream optimisation (VSO)


Our client is the world’s largest exporter of dairy ingredients and employs more than 16,000 staff worldwide. In 2011 they embarked on a project to optimise and simplify their value stream from the farm gate to the customer. 


Sysdoc partnered with the client over a 3-year period to deliver blended learning solutions and business education for all three releases of the Value Stream Optimisation (VSO) global optimisation project, which included:
  • eLearning modules. New functionality enabled end-users to access a custom list of all pre-requisite courses they were required to complete before classroom training
  • hands-on training and workshops within the context of new business processes
  • systems based training using a dedicated SAP training client, with transactional data customised to the users’ different regions.
The large number of deliverables, and phased approach to training, led to the development of a real time method of tracking the progress of process, learning and documentation materials.


Sysdoc learning innovation allowed us to constantly challenge the way things had always been done and come up with new approaches and innovations on a rapidly moving project.

Sysdoc technical solutions built the SharePoint material development tool to provide real time tracking and management of learning and development deliverables. Additional custom user views were added to the existing SharePoint Learning Management System (LMS).

Sysdoc process excellence and intuitive documentation were used to capture process, procedure and system information.


The interactive workshop style training was well received, resulted in improved business engagement and the adoption of the desired behavioural changes. The workshops provided a cost effective and flexible approach to training delivery when content and systems were unstable and subject to frequent change.