Knowledge and information management

Many organisations want to provide current, correct and consistent information to their people to ensure that valuable time isn’t wasted locating, recreating, verifying and reworking information.

With years of experience and an award winning approach in knowledge and information management, we design and build knowledge portals and efficiency tools that provide your people with the right information at the right time, with intuitive end-user access.

Our solutions are built in both tried and tested and new technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint, Umbraco and other commercial and open source content management systems. They are handed over to the business with clear governance, standards and templates, and no onerous license fees or hidden charges.

They are highly valuable knowledge and information assets that have a rightful place on the balance sheet.

Services include

  •     Knowledge and information strategy
  •     Information audit
  •     Knowledge maturity analysis
  •     Information architecture and design
  •     Knowledge portals and efficiency tools
  •     Usability testing
  •     SharePoint expertise
  •     Training and maintenance of information resources
  •     Governance of knowledge and information assets